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Facade Cleaning

Facade Cleaning

I come from a family of Architects, so even though I am not one, new designs and ideas for home improvement have always intrigued me. A few years ago when me and my husband got married and moved into his ancestral home we decided to give it a modern touch, we instantly elected facade design for the exterior walls.

For the very first time our home reflected our personalities. It looked breathtaking, but little did we know about the troubles that we were facing towards.

After a few months, the walls started looking sombre and grim and that was the moment we realised the facade walls needed to be cleaned. All the dust and dirt had settled on it over the time, making it look unattractive and muddy. We right away called for professional help, we started getting our walls cleaned every 2-3 months but it was such a financial strain.

We looked for other options and found VMTC power scrubber brush and immediately ordered it. It comes with two 18” long extension rods and we purchased extra 8 extension rods from VMTC, increasing the length to around 5 meters or slightly over 10 feet. It easily attached to our high pressure washer with zero hassle and for the first time we cleaned our walls ourselves. We made a day out of it. With this scrubber brush we had the option to add detergent or cleaning soap for competent cleaning.

Now, with the help of  this brush, we clean our home every other weekend, inside out (literally), without worrying about money or availability of a professional cleaner.  And another plus point, we get to spend great time together, enjoying whilst cleaning.