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Paw-some Cleaning

Paw-some Cleaning

Cute puppies running or falling over themselves shouldn’t be the reason for you to get a dog home, one should know that a pup grows into full size dog anywhere between 3-4 months of age and parenting a dog is tough, you need to know they might be the cutest when they’re just a handful but they can also be quite the handful when they’re bigger. 

Yes, you can train your dog to not bark unnecessarily, to not chew your expensive shoes or even to not bite, but there’s one thing no dog trainer on this planet can help you with, “DOG HAIR.” If you have a dog or your friends or relatives have one you know they have dog hair everywhere. Clothes, sofa, even those precious carpets. Dog Mom speaking “IT’S A HAIR STORM.”

When a Dog sheds, it’s hair can get everywhere! You literally have two options, either cry your eyes out at the sight of your ruined carpet or you can actually vacuum the hair directly from your dog’s body before they even touch the ground. No, there’s no magic wand, all you need is the VMTC pet brush.

You can attach it to your vacuum cleaner and brush your dog’s fur with it after you give it a bath. Just simply press the push button and the bristles will come out and you can comb your dog with it and watch the loose hair vacuumed directly from your dog’s body, it won’t only solve the ‘FUR’ issue but will also leave your dog with a shiny coat.

It’s a godsend product for us apartment dwellers, let’s face it, we were told not to get a dog in the first place because SPACE, but how on earth can anyone resist a cute little puppy. Now that we have tested the waters we agree space is a tiny bit of an issue especially when you give your dog a bath and afterwards he decides to roll over every sofa until he feels dry.

So this pet brush here is something that not only you but even your dog will love and look forward to after every bath, we all know how much dogs love belly rubs and back scratches and this VMTC pet brush does exactly that while sucking in all your dog’s loose hair in your vacuum cleaner.