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Shadows of Chinar

Shadows of Chinar
After moving out of Kashmir, a part of me always wanted to go back to my beautiful peerless homeland. 

After moving out of Kashmir, a part of me always wanted to go back to my beautiful peerless homeland. So when I grew up and saved enough, I bought a small house with a huge garden in Srinagar. Every season in Kashmir transforms the land into something like never seen before but my personal favourite is autumn. As the leaves in the valley turn yellow and golden, the farmers return to their fields to harvest paddy and saffron. The beauty enhancer of autumn in Kashmir are the magnificent trees of Chinar. 

It is said that during the Mughal era in Kashmir, one of the kings stepped over the Chinar leaves during autumn. Fascinated by their bright red colour, he asked one his ministers, “Chi Naar”, which translates to, “What is this fire?” And during these few months, right before winter in Kashmir, it seems as if the flames are touching the ground. I have 2 beautiful chinar trees in my yard, and every now and then me and my husband enjoy our Sunday cup of kehwa there. As beautiful as I find the fallen golden leaves, whenever the thought of cleaning the garden crosses my mind, the beauty vanishes away for me.

Getting labour in Kashmir is a task,  and when available the cost for hard labour is higher than expected. In such a situation, we were left with no option but to take the job in our own hands. We cleaned the garden every weekend but not only was it tiring but also our entire Sunday passed in cleaning the garden taking a toll on our weekend kehwa conversations and not to mention the back ache.

Then somebody suggested a blower to me, we bought it and started using it. The purpose of leaf blowers is to remove debris, dead leaves, and other miscellaneous material from the ground and push it to the outskirts of the area. A leaf blower uses the power of air, which is run usually by a gas-powered engine, to force the debris away. It helped us collect the leaves on one side of the garden but then again we had to pick the leaves up ourselves which made buying a blower a fail.

I started my search for a new product and came across the VMTC leaf blower. It was delivered in no time, the product is extremely user friendly, all one has to do is plug it in and let it do the rest. Once the leaves are collected at one place, by switching the toggle start vacuuming and let it sucks all the leaves inside. Now here comes the best part, the VMTC leaf blower comes with a 30 litres capacity bag and it shreds the leaves while sucking them in making more space in the bag.

It’s more efficient than a normal blower as it’s much more powerful and as soon as a leaves are collected we can easily switch to vacuum and suck all them in. This function helped us save so much of time and energy.

Don’t let the name fool you, a leaf blower has more useful functions than just cleaning up leaves. I even use a leaf blower to quickly dry my car after washing as the weather here doesn’t allow that to happen quickly. The VMTC leaf blower blew my mind away with the leaves. This product is such a delight to use, we can now keep our garden clean and enjoy the view of our golden Chinar with a cup of kehwa and continue with our conversations that usually never end.