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Sun-kissed Horizon

Sun-kissed Horizon

When it was time for me to get a Masters Degree in Law, I was asked to choose a subject, without hint of an irony, I said to myself “Environmental Law.” As children we are all taught about the importance of a healthy, clean and sustainable environment and maybe that’s what encouraged me. 

Years later, when it was time for me to build my first house, I knew there was no place for a grid there. Traditional electricity relies heavily on fossil fuels, not only are they bad for the environment but also are limited resources. Therefore, I chose what any eco-freak would choose SOLAR ENERGY.

To run your house on solar energy, solar panels need to be installed. They generally require very little serving, they are extremely durable and should last about 25-30 years no maintenance. The only maintenance you need to perform is to wash them clean of dirt and dust because in order to produce power it needs to be exposed to sunlight. However, unless you do not live somewhere with high amounts of smog, dust, dirt and sand blowing around, solar panel cleaning is not necessary. Also please inform me if you find such a place left on this planet.

For me, I used to get the solar panels cleaned professionally 2-3 times every month until one day I realised it was a lot of money wasted and decided to do it on my own, hence, began my search for the right product.

I came across the VMTC Power Scrubber brush, it comes with two 18” long extension rods and I purchased extra ten extension rods from the same company, increasing the total length to around 6 meters or over 18 feet which was enough for me.

Around 10-12 extension rods can be easily attached to the scrubber brush, in case you need more. It can be fixed easily with the high pressure washer & it efficiently removes all the dirt and dust.

I chose this scrubber brush instead of every other product available in the market because unlike other ones you can actually add detergent for a better cleaning experience. It’s a one time low investment product that only has returns for you. Not only that, I also use it to clean the patio and the walls around the house.

So if any one of you was holding back from switching to solar power because of the maintenance issue, this product is your first step towards being a naturalist.