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Sweeping Forward

Sweeping Forward
It’s in times like these when the need for cleanliness has become an absolute essential. 

It’s in times like these when the need for cleanliness has become an absolute essential. The importance of cleanliness in our lives cannot be denied. Maintaining a clean environment is for the health of all humans, a bad environment is solely responsible for spoiling the health of the people around. Dirt and disease go together.

I am the President of my society and me and all the residents have always been very keen on keeping the surroundings clean. We keep the inside of our homes clean but what about the outside? We have families with children and senior citizens who like staying outdoors and we wanted to make sure they get a clean and safe atmosphere. Cleaning the entire society every day is a task, we cannot ask the residents to stay in while we clean as we do with our family when cleaning the bedroom or the drawing room. 

Even hiring six cleaners to broom the sidewalks, roads and pavements in our society wasn’t enough. It was an inconvenience to our residents as the dust and dirt kept moving around with broom ruining their cars and balconies, some even brought up that their plants were dying because of the constant exposure to dirt and dust and not to mention the money that was being spent to pay six cleaners from the limited society funds. 

Every society meeting there was either a complaint about the same or a discussion about it, all the other issues were being neglected. Then in one meeting someone suggested a manual sweeper. Just like any other millennial person I searched the web. The mechanism of the machine works in such a way that the roller brush pushes both air as well as dust inside the pan and when the air escapes it brings about 1% of the dust out with it. Being a perfectionist I either aim for the best or nothing at all. My search continued and I found a product that was not only in our budget but also extremely promising.

The VMTC manual sweeper which came with a Dust filter that doesn’t allow dust to escape. I ordered it right away and in the first use itself we noticed the difference. It was literally five times faster than the traditional broom. 

This unbreakable and corrosion-resistant sweeper, together with its powerful roller brush and two side brushes, boasts a sweeping width of 980 mm.  The VMTC manual sweeper includes standard roller brush for dry waste plus two additional side brushes with harder bristles which are specially designed to loosen wet waste from the floor and sweep it up. The best part about it was its zero dirt contact. The Side brushes and the roller brush transport the waste directly to the waste container, which is protected against the wind. 

Cleaning it after use was such a cake walk, to clean it all one has to do is lift it, empty it and that's it. We ended up ordering three of these, which surprisingly was more than enough for such a large space. I was concerned about the storage as we already have a loaded storage space but this product completely solved that problem, with its fold-down push handle, the sweeper can be stored upright, taking up very little space. 

Now instead of having six people in the cleaning staff we have only two and with the VMTC manual sweeper the efficiency is no less than five people working. 

Our residents absolutely love this product and many ordered a smaller model for their homes just like I ordered a smaller model for my parents home back in Dehradun, they love the product and use it every now and then to clean the driveway. This product is an absolute delight to use and can act as a bridge for “Swachh Bharat”.