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Filter lit, Clean it.

Filter lit, Clean it.

Doing daily chores has always been my least favourite. Before getting married I hardly ever did anything around the house and oh! how life changed. Though my husband and I divide the chores but it’s always been a task for me. My husband decided to be in charge of dusting around the house and take care of that long grocery list I give him every other day while I’d do the dishes and the weekend laundry.

We were good until our twins became toddlers. As much as we love them, I cannot begin to express how much of a mess they create every day. We take them out to the park every evening and without fail they somehow manage to absolutely cover their new onesies in dirt resulting in the weekly laundry become almost a daily task. We love watching them play and explore nature and therefore refrain from stopping them do their thing. 

A few months ago I noticed that our washing machine wasn’t working as effectively as it used to, after searching I found out that’s because the water that was being used by the entire society is a little harsh because of which a sediment built occurs that can damage the appliance and hence began my search for a good washing machine water filter. I came across a few brands that promised a carbon infused filter and after using them I didn’t notice any visible difference. Weeks later my neighbour suggested the VMTC machine water filter, since I had tried a lot of brands already, I reckoned one more would do no harm.

To my surprise, this was just what I was looking for. Once connected, the system traps the sediments in water before it reaches inside. After using this filter, my washing machine was visibly working much better and one load of laundry needed half the amount of detergent I used earlier. Just like your clothes need washing your machine also needs cleaning and cleaning this water filter is absolutely trouble-free, simply just open the cap, take out the filter, rinse and remove any residue or other materials accumulated in the filter. Allow to completely dry before re-assembling the filter back. Don’t be fooled by different brands, this is is a bonanza product. Tried and tested by a mom.