VMTC’s axiom is ‘Designed to Simplify’ and therefore to simplify the search for a right product VMTC has a specially designed programme to help our customers find the appropriate accessory for their vacuum cleaner.

Follow the steps to make the best use of this programme:

  • Search for your vacuum cleaner model in our compatibility chart.
  • If you find your model there then you’ll also find the apt accessory size for you.
  • In a state of affairs where your vacuum cleaner model is not mentioned in the chart you can easily contact us over e-mail with your brand and model details, your contact details, address and name.
  • After looking into the details we will let you know the exact size of accessory compatible to your brand’s model.
  • If we aren’t able to find the right accessory size for you then we will ship 2 sample accessories to you, one from both the ranges i.e 32mm and 35mm. 
  • Once you receive both the products, you can try using them with your vacuum cleaner and share with us the relevant pictures and videos.

With this simple method,  you can easily understand which range of accessories is best suited for your vacuum cleaner

**We do not charge our customers any money for the sample products.**