Compatibility Chart Vacuum Cleaner Accessories:

In the wide market of the vacuum cleaner industry there are hundreds of companies selling different models with different accessories compatible to them. Almost all the vacuum cleaners used in India come with an inner diameter of 32mm or 35mm and there are some which have clamp lock. The industrial vacuum cleaners have an inner diameter for accessory attachment that can go up to 58mm.

To make sure our customers know there product before purchasing and do not go wrong with it, we have drawn a compatibility chart. This chart will help you understand which accessory is compatible to your machine.

For those not sure about the exact size of the accessory they should be buying, we also have a wide range of universal vacuum cleaner accessories. These can be adjusted from 30mm to 38mm and can be used for all the vacuum cleaners that have round shaped attachments.

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories 35mm
Vacuum Cleaner Accessories 32mm
Brand Model Brand Model
Karcher WD 1 / MV 1 Eureka Forbes Euroclean X force
WD 2 / MV 2 Euroclean Star
WD 3 / MV 3 Euroclean I-Clean
WD 4 / MV 4 WD Mini
WD 5 / MV 5 Mini Wet & Dry
WD 6 Premium / MV 6 Premium Vogue Trendy
WD 3 Premium / MV 3 Premium XL
WD 4 Premium / MV 4 Premium Ace
WD 5 Premium / MV 5 Premium 300
VC 3 Jet Models
DS 5.800 Xeon
SE 4002 Quick Clean
SE 4001 DX 1200
Trendy Zip
Bosch Gas 11-21 Wet & Dry Ultimo 20 Liters
Black & Decker 15 Litre 1400 Watt Hubertt PWR 35
HNT 20
Miele Classic C1
Compact C2 Force Cyclonic
Compact C3
Roots Super Vac
Russel Hobbs All Models
Philips All FC9 Models
FC 8607
Tata Croma CRAC0060

 This list is based on the feedback we get from our customers. If you’re unable to find your vacuum cleaner model here you can easily contact us and we will help find it for you. Refer to our ‘accessory finder’ programme for further information.

VMTC is not liable for any incorrect information as the information above is published on the bases of different market sources. Customers are requested to cross check the info in case required.