Frequently Asked Questions

The company

Are you an Indian Company?
When did you start this company?
What is the Motto of your company?

The products

What is the quality of your products?
How are your products different from other similar products?
Are these original products of other brands?
How are your Kits up to 40% lesser in price than the same products if bought individually?

Air purifier filters

Is activated carbon filter and carbon filter the same thing?
How to differentiate between activated carbon Filter and carbon filter?
Does these air-purifier filters fit well with the machine?

Vacuum cleaner accessories

Why do you have three ranges of vacuum cleaner accessories?
How can I know weather I need vacuum cleaner accessories having inner diameter of 32mm or 35mm?
My vacuum cleaner model is not mentioned in the “Compatibility Chart”, What should I do?

Pressure washer accessories

Which brands are your accessories compatible with?
How is the same accessory compatible with different brands?
What is the maximum pressure your Hose pipe can withstand?

The quality & assurance

How good are these products?
Can I get my products replaced?
How can I get a refund within 30 days of purchase?

Accessory finder

How does “Accessory Finder” programme works?

Bulk enquiries

Do I get an additional discount in case of bulk purchase?
Can I buy these items for reselling purpose?

Customised product

Can you tailor a product for me
How can I place a customization request?
How many days will it take to customise a product?

Buy now

Can I buy these items from your website?

Shipping and delivery

What is VMTC’s Shipping Policy?
How are orders placed on VMTC delivered to me?
Does VMTC deliver products outside India?
How can I get my order delivered faster?

Cancellation and modification

What is VMTC Cancellation Policy?
I just cancelled my order. When will I receive my refund?
How can I Self-Ship the product to VMTC?
I have received a partial item/partial order or an Untenanted/Void packet?
Can I modify the shipping address of my order after it has been placed?
Where can I self ship the products?
Why has my return request been declined?
Why is my returned product re-shipped?