VMTC offers CE certified High pressure washer hose pipe manufactured in remarkable factories as per high European standard.
Having passed the Hydrostatic Pressure Tests this hose pipe is designed to withstand a pressure of up to 180 Mbar. Its temperature resistance of as low as -20º to as high as +60º and anti-torsion technology giving it extra flexibility and making it resistant to kinks for optimum water flow without loop formation gives ultimate using felicity. It comes with an Anti-UV outer layer making it weather resistant and an opaque middle layer that prevents algae formation inside the hose in addition to a seamless inner tube, superior strength, textile braided hose in total making the pipe imperishable.

180 Mbar

Maximum Pressure
For maximum performance

Anti-torsion technology

Extra flexibility and resistant to kinks
For optimum water flow without loop formation

Woven reinforcement

For easy handling and quality

-20 to + 60°C

High temperature resistance
For long life

Extra-long service life

Opaque middle layer
Prevents algae formation inside the hose

Anti-UV outer layer

Extremely weather-resistant
For maximum robustness