Whenever we introduce ourselves to any new device or appliance it’s always best to know how to use it to its fullest without depreciating it, same goes for an air purifier because not only is it new in your life it’s also a pristine concept in India.

I am going to share some steps to help you maintain a healthy atmosphere under your roof whilst increasing the life and efficiency of your air purifier.

  • To start with the basics, an air purifier doesn’t need to be working 24x7 to give best results, it’s more efficient if used at the right time.
  • People usually complain about the air being stale after using the air purifier all day, every day, so home ventilation is the key to keep the house and its occupants healthy and comfortable. It is a vital component in maintaining proper indoor air quality and eliminating contaminants.
  • In my opinion, during winter one should keep the windows and doors open for ventilation during day time, as the sunlight breaks the carbon molecule making making the air more breathable and forgoing the air from being stale, as suggested by doctors throughout the world.
  • I suggest everyone to keep a window open when leaving for work in the morning and once back, shut the doors and windows like you do with an air conditioner and turn the Air purifier on. Even if you are at home, its best to follow this practice.
  • In Summer, Its best to use your air purifier the whole time when your AC is working, but keep in mind about giving your machine some rest from time to time basis.
  • In time of rain or breezy weather, keep the doors and windows open for continuous ventilation of clean and fresh air.
  • I am fond of greenery therefore I keep a bunch of indoor plants most of which are useful for purifying air. In case you have such plants at home, please do not depend entirely on them, an air purifier is an additional benefit to bring in freshness & clean air that plants alone cannot.
  • Following this process will give your home appropriate ventilation and clean air giving you the best experience of the air which you are breathing.

Hope these steps from my personal experience help you as much as they help me every day.