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The Magic carpet

The Magic carpet

There are many things you have to deal with to keep your carpet clean: coffee/tea stains, the usual dirt, and dust plus pet hair. A carpet needs proper care and attention to maintain the cleanliness of your home and create a cleaner, safer environment for your family. It is important to maintain a regular cleaning routine of your carpets and rugs to prevent the accumulation of grime, which can lead to allergies and other health issues. 

I have a three year old who unfortunately has Sinusitis, which he gets from both me and his dad, so it has been an unspoken rule in our family to keep dust as far as possible so that no one suffers and to top it all, on his third birthday my husband decided to get him a puppy so that he learns how to be responsible.

My roots lie in Kashmir so carpets have always been an important part of my life. We have about three silk carpets at home and getting them cleaned has always been a failed mission. So the question is , how to keep the carpet clean especially when living in an apartment? A carpet needs to be washed at least once a year, and since I have a toddler who absolutely adores his new puppy and is least bothered about how expensive or exclusive my carpets are, I am completely doomed to do the same twice or thrice a year. Trust me washing a carpet or getting a carpet washed isn’t an easy task, it takes an entire day for the carpet to just dry properly. We are in no position to bring a hefty carpet cleaner at home so me and my husband searched for options on web. After looking into a lot of products we found the VMTC Turbo Floor Tool Brush which easily converts your sleek vacuum cleaner into an efficient carpet cleaner. We ordered it and used it on our own without any professional help.

This high speed rotating floor tool brush not only removes stubborn dirt and dog hair but also makes sure that the dust does not get a chance to fly around and settle somewhere else. With the help of the rotating roller brush, it slides faster on the carpets, saving both time and energy. With help from the suction created by the vacuum cleaner, the roller rotates at a very high RPM creating additional vacuum pressure and therefore cleaning the surface faster and in-depth without harming the delicate threads of the carpet. With the VMTC Turbo floor tool brush all my carpet cleaning worries have now vanished, I can let my kid play on the carpet for as long as he likes without worrying about his health or my carpets.