"Designed to Simplify"



You likely made a pretty significant financial investment in your sofa and like most of us have set rules to protect that investment, whether your rules concern eating, jumping, sitting on the back or arms of the couch, or something else, setting a few ground rules is a simple way to keep your couch nice and clean for years to come!
One of the easiest ways to keep your upholstery looking great is to protect it from getting dirty in the first place! A lot of people institute a “no-eating-on-the-couch” rule, which can be simple and effective but what if you have some really important guests over, will you be telling them this long list of your rules before you ask them to sit? If by any chance you said YES to that, then sorry but you’re not very welcoming. 

The point to it is whatever you do your sofa will get dirty with time. Even if your sofa doesn’t look particularly dirty, there are likely all kinds of things lurking in your sofa’s upholstery.

Since you sit on it so often, it’s important to keep it clean! Take the time to give it a thorough cleaning (or hire a professional to do it) once every year or two. But is that enough? You clean and mop your home daily and thanks to gravity the dust and dirt does settle on that beautiful couch you have. I am proud owner of a beautiful Carlo Colombo (how I got it here is long story) and I intend to keep it spotless. How you ask. I’ll help.

In principle, a couch needs to be vacuumed once a month and shampooed with an upholstery cleaner every six months. Now you can clean your sofa without the upholstery nozzle but that will take much more time and energy. Just simply take VMTC upholstery nozzle and attach it to your vacuum cleaner. And watch it do all the work without any hassle. Its Time Efficient, Energy Efficient & Performance Efficient.

Not only can this be used on the sofas but also on heavy curtains which are difficult to wash, your car seats and even door mats. This product has maid my life easier (pun intended). I hope this solves most of your ‘couch’ problems because for me, surely did.