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Jet Set Scour

Jet Set Scour

I am into car cleaning business and in a day we clean about ten to twelve cars, very recently the business started becoming a little monotonous for me, not because I wasn’t enjoying but because there was no scope of growing the business. Since I started the business with my own savings with no help from my parents, my budget neither allowed me to hire a large work force nor did it allow me to buy those expensive car cleaning machines.

With the little staff I have, it takes us approximately an hour to just clean the car properly with two people working simultaneously on one car. There are times when all my workers are busy and we have to let go of the incoming cars. The income generated was so low that I could either pay my staff (with no extra incentives) or get new hefty machines for car cleaning.

I reached a point where I saw no prospective in this business, but I decided to give it another try.

I searched the web and found VMTC foam nozzle. I decided to give it a try and ordered one piece. It’s an extremely user friendly nozzle which is what I needed since most of my cleaners are not very well educated. All one has to do is dilute the car cleaning shampoo as per the requirement in the foam nozzle, attach it to the high pressure washer and apply the foam to the car effortlessly. The detergent Dose can easily be adjusted on the foam nozzle and even the jet level can be adjusted as required. After using it once, I ordered an entire bunch.

My workmen are extremely happy with the product, the work efficiency has increased and so has the number of cars we clean in a day.

I bow down to this product for changing my mind and saving my business.