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Drop Gear, Dirt Disappear.

Drop Gear, Dirt Disappear.

I own a car rental service company in Pune. A lot of my clients rent cars for out station trips, though most of them keep the cars clean but there are a few who hardly care, resulting in the cars not only being dirty on the outside but inside as well. Since I rent cars to a lot of people, cleaning them after every trip is anyway of supreme importance.

Most cars naturally depreciate, but you can extend the life of a car and in turn preserve its value longer if you keep it clean. But cleaning the car interior is as important as the exterior. Vacuuming will help the car because it will remove the dust particles that have accumulated on the inside of the car over the time. The only problem my cleaning team was facing was with cleaning the intricate designs on interiors properly, and some of our clients made complaints on the forum about the cars not being neat.

I started looking for new product and later found the VMTC Tornado for car interior cleaning, the product description looked very appealing so  I ordered a couple pieces. It comes with 1L Foam Bottle & 2 Nozzle Sprayer for cleaning the interior of the car with your Air compressor. It is an advanced high pressure cleaning tool and comes with two attachments.

It sprays the cleaning liquid with a high pressure, breaking it completely, so that it reaches the deepest corners of the car, which otherwise remain unreachable to bare hands.This can also be used to evenly spray polish on the exterior of the car.

I asked my team to use it. The installation was a child’s play, just simply add water with cleaning fluid in the foam bottle, connect the air pump with the Tornado, glide the switch and pull the trigger and start your cleaning. It cleans everything inside the car with such ease, be it the dashboard, cup holders, consoles, steering, gear knob, door panels, door jams, wool/leather car upholstery, carpet, floor mats, seat belt retractors, basically whatever constitutes the car interiors.

My team, being full of petrol heads, loved the product and so did I. There are now only pleasing reviews on our forum, especially about how spotless our cars are. Just like the name suggests, Tornado actually cleans everything in it’s way