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Nailed It

Nailed It

About two years ago, I left home for college and started living in a hostel room with two other girls. A year later, deeply inspired by the thought of being independent and also a little inspired by F.R.I.E.N.D.S, me and my roomies started apartment hunting. Though our parents were a little against the idea of three girls living all by themselves, they came around.

We found a beautiful 3 bhk  apartment on the 8th floor of an amazing society in an extremely safe neighborhood and then began our long operation of making it home. The initial process wasn’t that difficult, shopping is a talent we girls are born with. One of my friends happens to be an artist and she had a stock of beautiful paintings for us to put up on the walls and therefore our test began. Every time we decided to drill the wall and put the paintings up, we’d come up with a new excuse to not to do it, we were simply just avoiding the cleanliness drive that would follow. Not that we were being lazy, but it was our first time moving in somewhere on our own & we didn’t know we should drill the walls first and then start furnishing. ‘Plain humble mistake.

One day while I was searching web for ways to drill with minimal dust, I came across the VMTC Universal drill dust collector and just then I knew I was at the right spot. This dust collector can be attached with your vacuum cleaner and because of the suction it stays right in place, making sure that all the dust and dirt coming from the drilling goes right inside the vacuum cleaner instead of being spilled around. All you have to do is, place it where you want to drill, it works for any flat surface, switch the vacuum cleaner on and voila! All the dust along with your worries will go straight in the vacuum cleaner.

This product is a bliss to use, we have finally put up all the paintings we had and we are waiting for the new ones soon. Our apartment has finally become home to us.