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Car Underbody Wash

Car Underbody Wash

I own a private parking business in certain areas of the town with the parking space of approximately 300 cars per space. I’ve been in the business for more than 20 years now.

After completing studies, when my son came back I asked him to join the business and he happily obliged. As a child he was a little irresponsible but when he joined the business, to my surprise he came up with some brilliant ideas to make the business grow in ways I had never thought of. Without new ideas success can become stale. One such new idea that he came up with was starting a car cleaning service at every parking lot we have so our customers could get their cars cleaned instead of just keeping them parked at one place for hours.

As much as I adored the recommendation, I also evaluated that my son, being young and naive probably didn’t understand the amount of effort it takes to set up a cleaning service. One of the major concern was building a ramp. Ongoing construction at such a busy parking area is a task and could clearly affect our business in the wrong way and even if we build a ramp, it’s a burden on the workers. Asking the workers to physically go under the ramp and clean the cars is not only unfair but also brutal. The extreme pressure of water can harm their eyes and that’s a really big price to pay for just some extra bucks.

Just as I was about to abort the idea, my son came rushing in my room and  introduced me to the VMTC Car Under body Nozzle lance, this product has been designed specifically for people like us who want to clean the under body of the car efficiently without lifting it or building a ramp. To use just simply insert the lance in the gun and press it against it and then rotate the handle trigger Gun so that the lance gets locked.

Now start using your new and powerful VMTC HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL Car Under body Lance. With high grade poly wheels, one can be sure of easy sliding experience and effortless cleanliness. It has 3 pedantically designed nozzles that spray water with pressure in upward direction for in-depth cleaning. The length of the rod which goes under the car is around 3 ft ensuring comprehensive cleaning.

This product, right then and there, had put an end to all my worries and I approved the idea.

Now my son handles the cleaning service and couldn’t be happier. All this made me understand that in order to grow we must be open to new ideas.. new ways of doing things.. new ways of thinking. I also had a happy realisation that my son is now a grown up man who knows how to find a solution to every problem. Not only am I a growing businessman, I am also a happy father.